After publishing my first scientific paper, I was motivated by my love of art, science, and teaching to create a drawing of my research to explain what I do to the non-scientific community, especially to the young students I volunteered with through the CRS Bay Area Scientists in Schools (BASIS) program and to the young women I volunteered with through the Expanding Your Horizons program. This inspired me to start illustrating research from other PhD students and post-docs in my department, and seek out artistic scientists to draw their own work, which came together as ColorMePhD. Since the first volume of ColorMePhD was released, the initiative has grown into a collaborative ongoing resource providing free coloring pages and activities that communicate PhD-level research in science and engineering to aspiring scientists and community members that do not have a scientific background. These recourses promote advancement of women in STEM, visibility for Black, Indigenous, and Latinx scientists, and have been incorporated into a number of initiatives to promote accessibility, diversity, equity, and inclusion in STEM.

As the founder and creator of ColorMePhD, I have led the development of two research coloring book series featuring illustrations with accompanying descriptions of current research targeted to a general audience, an ongoing series of coloring pages featuring "History-Making Scientists," and a variety of activities and games promoting science literacy and relaxation. These free books and resources are available at

ColorMePhD Vol. 1: A Coloring Book of Science and Engineering Research

ColorMePhD Volume 1 features 16 colorable illustrations and descriptions explaining PhD-level research performed by chemists and chemical engineers at UC Berkekey.

ColorMePhD Vol. 2: A Coloring Book of Research by Women in Science and Engineering

ColorMePhD Volume 2 Features over 20 original coloring pages describing PhD-level research performed and directed by female-identifying scientists and engineers across the US and UK.

ColorMePhD "History-Making Scientists:" Free Coloring Pages Highlighting Contributions of BIPOC Scientists throughout History

The ColorMePhD History-Making Scientist Series is a collection of over 20 coloring pages that highlight Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and People of Color who have made incredible contributions to Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Medicine.

To learn more about the vision and mission of ColorMePhD, watch this virtual video presentation about the initiative from the American Institute of Chemical Engineers 2020 Annual Meeting: