Bay Area Scientists Inspiring Students (BASIS)

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While I was a graduate student at UC Berkeley, I served as a volunteer science teacher through the Bay Area Scientists Inspiring Students (BASIS) Program, which sends diverse groups of graduate students, postdocs, and local scientists to local elementary school classrooms to inspire the next generation of scientists through free science lessons. Through BASIS, I visited over 25 second and third grade classrooms, personally reaching over 600 students throughout the Bay Area to teach hands-on science lessons about the phases of matter with a lesson called "It's Just a Phase."
Our lessons included activities such as liquid nitrogen ice cream, dry ice sublimation, and isopropanol evaporation. I also led a team in developing a new lesson about density, with activities including rainbow sucrose density gradients and elephant's toothpaste, called "Making Sense of What's Dense."

Serving up some liquid nitrogen ice cream while teaching about phase changes between solids and liquids!

Engaging with 3rd grade students through hands-on activities and (non-graded) interactive quizzes.

Demonstrating to students how dry ice sublimates into carbon dioxide.

Showing how isopropanol evaporates faster with help from thermal energy from our hands.

Example quiz question from the lesson "Making Sense of What's Dense."

Describing our research to elementary students! (It's harder than you'd think!)