Science and Art

I value the intersection of science and art as a method of providing effective science communication to both scientific and non-scientific audiences. In addition to my efforts with visual science communication through ColorMePhD and through workshops with the MIT communication lab, I have been involved in a number of other initiatives and projects that utilize art to communicate and appreciate science.

Journal covers that I created for my research and others using a combination of digital and hand-drawn elements:

Cover Feature in ChemSusChem featuring our work on alcohol etherification.

Front cover of ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering featuring our work in depolymerization and upcycling of polypropylene and mixed polyolefins.

Front cover of Organometallics featuring a collaborator's work in asymmetric synthesis enabled by organometallic complexes.

Front cover of Macromolecules featuring a colleague's work in ion transport in polymeric systems.

More Science and Art Projects:

During the COVID shutdowns in 2020, I created the ColorMePhD Fun at Home coloring book to provide a free, relaxing, and safe at-home activity for children and adults. I also created a shop on Redbubble to sell science-themed stickers and products. The profits from designs sold on my Redbubble shop go towards either the Anti Racism Fund or towards creating resources for ColorMePhD, including printing and shipping coloring books to local schools, buying materials, and maintaining the website domain.

Due to COVID, we weren't able to get together for a group picture- so I volunteered to draw our group portrait instead!

You can view more of my art on instagram.