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JE Rorrer, C Troyano-Valls, Y Roman-Leshkov, GT Beckham,

Hydrogenolysis of Polypropylene and Mixed Polyolefin Plastic Waste over Ru/C to Produce Liquid Alkanes

ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering (2021) 9, 35, 11616-12016

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JE Rorrer, Y Roman-Leshkov, GT Beckham,

Conversion of Polyolefin Waste to Liquid Alkanes with Ru-Based Catalysts under Mild Conditions,

JACS Au (2020) 1, 1, 8-12,

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JE Rorrer, FD Toste, AT Bell,

Mechanism and Kinetics of Isobutene Formation from Ethanol and Acetone over ZnxZryOz

ACS Catalysis (2019) 9, 12, 10588-10604.

JE Rorrer, AT Bell, FD Toste,

Synthesis of biomass‐derived ethers for use as fuels and lubricants

ChemSusChem (2019) 12, 13, 2835-2858. doi/full/10.1002/cssc.201900535

J Rorrer, S Pindi, FD Toste, AT Bell,

Effect of alcohol structure on the kinetics of etherification and dehydration over tungstated zirconia

ChemSusChem (2018) 11, 18, 3104-3111,

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J Rorrer, Y He, FD Toste, AT Bell,

Mechanism and kinetics of 1-dodecanol etherification over tungstated zirconia

Journal of Catalysis (2017) 354, 13-23.

Other Publications

Nicholson SR*, Rorrer JE*, Singh A*, Konev MO, Rorrer NA, Carpenter AC, Jacobsen, AJ, Román-Leshkov, Y, Beckham, GT. *equal contribution

The critical role of process analysis in chemical recycling and upcycling of waste plastics.

Annu Rev. Chem. Biomol. Eng. (2022) 13:In press.

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CN Stachl, DD Brauer, H Mizuno, JM Gleason, JE Rorrer, MB Francis, AM Baranger,

Shaping the Future of Higher Education: Practical, Community-Driven Initiatives to Improve Academic Climate

ACS Central Science (2021) 7, 6, 910-916, [].

GT Beckham, R Allen, R Baldwin, M Reed, JE Rorrer, Y Roman-Leshkov, J McGeehan, E Chen,

Transforming the Science and Technology of Plastics Recycling

Chemical Engineering Progress (CEP), July 2021.